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Hi, my name is Roma

I'm a UX/UI and Product Designer with technical background

My passion and responsibility lie in simplifying things, reducing frustration for users people, and helping companies achieve their business goals. I rely on data analytics and prefer to base my decisions on statistics rather than subjective judgments. I have a strong technical background, but I also consider user feedback and gut feeling to be crucial elements of my work.

I always aim to make the development process smooth and transparent for my team. I have a diverse range of experience, including software development, graphic design, and managing a team of three designers. I know my tools and work plug & play in your team and project structure.

professional work 👔

Yesim — Worldwide eSIM marketplace

2021–2024 | WEB, iOS, Android, cross-platform | About

Project details


My job and responsibilities

SMBF — Online reputation platform

2020–2021 | web | About

Project details


My job and responsibilities

Eventssion — Event management and online ticketing platform

2018–2020 | web, app, offline

Project details

From scratch to 50K users, app/web/internal tools

Job duties and responsibilities

for fun & experience 🐣

Score Counter App

2016–2024 | Play Store (Android)

Project details

Score Counter — Count Anything is the perfect solution for game nights, sports competitions, or any activity where you need to keep track of scores on the fly. With its simple and customizable design, this app makes score counting quick and easy, without any interruptions from ads. Whether you're tracking initiative, hit points (HP), spell slots, or even win streaks in your bar game night, Score Counter has you covered.

My role

I was proud to achieve the following results ✨

Concept — New design for the Math Trade portal

2022 | Concept (Behance)

Project details

«Math Trade» is a unique platform that facilitates a simultaneous exchange of board games between multiple individuals. Users add their games to the platform and create a personalized wishlist. The algorithm then determines the optimal exchange, determining which user should send their game to another. This system offers an efficient and convenient way for hobby enthusiasts to trade their board games with one another

My role

Redesign the portal section This redesign served as the foundation for future collaboration with the portal's authors.

Stickers «Sorry for barking!»

2022 | Concept (Behance)

Project details

This small roject aimed at creating stickers for dog owners whose dogs frequently bark. The stickers serve to show neighbors that the dog owners are actively working on improving their dog's behavior.

My role

I was responsible for the conceptualization and graphic design of the stickers.

Paragraphus — Short Passages From Books

2020 | Play Store (Android App) | discontinued ☠️

Project details

Pagraphus is a unique app that presents users with random short passages from various books. Users are asked to determine whether the passages are interesting or not. If the passage captures their attention, they can discover the book's title and author. If not, they can simply swipe left to move on to the next one.

The app allows users to explore both popular and lesser-known authors without bias, and ultimately find a book that suits their taste.

My role


Style: Nikolay Sypko
Original idea and content:

hard skills & tools ⚒️

🧠 Product Design, User Experience, Mobile App Design, A/B Testing, UX Writing

👨‍🎨 Figma, Adobe Tools

👨‍💻 Java, HTML/CSS, Firebase, SQL/BigQuery, Sendgrid

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